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Premium Service

Our experienced team handle all customer service for your artists to solve all their distro enquiries

Phishing Detect

Automated Royalties

Every month we pay your artists direct to their distro account saving you hours of finanical reporting obligations 

Smart Scan

Fast and Flexible

Our music delivery system offers the ultimate in speed & flexibility to ensure your artist campaigns roll out smoothly  

Full transparency

Your personal admin suite gives you full control of your distro store to manage every artist, every release, all your financial reporting and streaming analytics.       

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Your Brand + Website

We provide a fully customisable distribution landing page with your branding that can be linked to your existing website, or
embed our registration and login pages directly into your custom web page.

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Safe and reliable

More Features

Set your store pricing to suit your business model 
Your choice of:
  • Commission Only (%)
  • One-Time Upload Fee
  • Recurring Subscription
  • Connect your Stripe and Paypal accounts to retain 100% of upload fees directly to your account   
  •  Customise the royalty rate for each user account


  • Monitor your full catalogue
  • Daily Streaming Reports
  • Demographics
  • Keep across every artist in your catalogue
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Affordable costs
to grow your business

  • Simple and transparent pricing that is designed to support your new distro service provide more income back to your music business.       
  •  Diversify your income streams with recurring streaming income each and everymonth

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Get in touch for a full demo of the software and see how it can add value to your music busines.

If you are a single artist we would recommend you use an existing music aggregation service. DistroDirect has been built to service and streamline music companies who represent (or plan to represent) a catalogue of  artists.  

  •  Email : hello@distro.direct